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Friday, September 3, 2010

Birthday Celebration

How old am I? hehehe. The day passed by just like the usual,

woke up at 6am- prepared breakfast, prepared the kids for school, checked mails etc...... hubby-work from home, Heck, I sometimes hate when he's here at home, the internet sucks! Makes my connection slower than ever!

Lunch- we just ordered at SAVORY

we had :: drum roll

the famous chicken of savory, pancit canton and beef with brocolli.....How much? Php680 :))))) gave 700 pesos, the 20 pesos was the tip to the rider hahahaha!!

After lunch, we had to wait for the kids to arrive so we can make lakwatsa hahaha (go to the mall)

Went to megamall Heck carpark's full!!!! why??!!! off to Globe center agad for cash out and inquire for a postpaid plan.... forgot to print hubby's payslip tsk tsk anyways we'll drop by tom in Gateway! Stopped by at air21 mega for some deliveries :))))

Where did we eat our dinner??? janjararan....HOT POT NOODLE HOUSE hahahha

need to sip a hot and delicious noodle soup!

what did we order?

Chicken mushroom noodle soup meal size, adobong tokwa with egg, shrimp dumpling....that's it ahahha... sorry guys i don't have any pics my camera was busted! eeekk!!! can't find the perfect pics n the net either. JUST IMAGINE the hot noodles yum yum hehehhe, the sweet adobong tokwa with egg and the munchy shrimp dumplings

As the birthday girl, I asked my kids what they want.....As usual everytime we go to megamall, they always ask us to buy -----

Gab- eclair at Beard Papa's, I bought a box (5 pcs) at Php275

My Bea said she wants french fries-----of course what can i do?? bought a mega sour n cream fries at Potato Corner Php 95

Mariz --- Polvoron at HOP (pinipig and classic) at Php 100 each

hmmm maybe you're thinking what did i receive? Nothing! ahhahahah... i just asked hubby to get me a globe postpaid plan that's it! Hoping that I could get it by tomorrow...Wishing!

And of course before this day ends....I would like to thank the LORD for the wonderful blessings he had given me each day... Words are not enough to express how Happy I am....Again Thank YOU!


seth said...

Happy Birthday! Be Blessed! :-)

rosey said...

happy birthday sis! all the best! =)

simply kim said...

wow! looks like a really happy birthday, and delcious food, too! lol!happy birthday!