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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sunshine Award and my Saging Con Yelo

I miss posting, so many stories to tell...

I've been nursing my sick husband that's why I haven't been posting since last  tuesday....We went to Medical City for some test...I'm really not sure maybe my husband is just acting hahah, even the doctors didn't see any problems with his health actually it started April last year..He said he felt something unusual like muscle pain, and burning sensation on his chest...The result in his ECG --NORMAL, next test is for Thyroid....Hope it's NORMAL too...

And because of what happened I almost forgot to post the award given by Nikki of Spilling Some Sassiness


Rules for this:

1. Post the logo on your Blog
2. Pass it to 12 bloggers that inspire you!
3. Link the bloggers and let them know!!

Passing this award to:

Marice of Life Can't wait for her overflowing contests, sale infos
Crissy of Housewife@work for her news infos
Bec of My Gorgeous PInk cheeks for her wonderful make up reviews (sis i love your skin you inspired me to go to my derma haha)
Mai of Story Book Mom for her stories about her kids

And.....4 days to go ELECTION DAY...Have you prepared your lists?? I'm doing mine and still not yet finish..

President --done
Vice President --done
Senators ( how many?) I have 12 (not sure)
Governor (RIZAL)--done
Vice Governor --done
Board Members (what do they do?) I don't even know what are they doing and who are they
Mayor (CAINTA) hmmm (i'm not sure yet)
Vice Mayor --done
Councilors (ooooh) there's long list BUT didn't know them as well

Hoping that the election will push through.....

And because of the on going battle against heat hehehe

I managed to make saging (banana) con yelo(ice)

sorry for the awful picture, my kids were pulling me to fill their bowls too..

So sad that our Ice crusher was broken what I did I used pestle instead hehehe(see those block of ice haha)

That's it....ciao ciao


Bec said...

Thanks sis. :)

Kayce said...

hi sis! wow ang sarap nyang saging con yelo!

mai said...

thanks for the award sis! grabbed your badge nga pala=), me, I vote for Ilagan hehe..

Crissy said...

Thank you for this award!

rosey said...

sis I had the same problem as your hubby. chest pain, muscle pain.. with shortness of breath, tas I feel tired everytime. lahat ng tests ko normal din. i had ecg, complete blood chem, cbc, and thyroid tests. all of them were normal. i had myself checked by 2 doctors because i am not satisfied because they can't see any problems but i feel that something is not ok. so i did the research. i found out that these symptoms could be associated with GERD. so i immediately asked the doctor about this. and it turned out na GERD nga.

Prettymom said...

aww.. hope normal ang test kay hubby mo mare..

sarap naman ng banana con yelo mo.. perfect sa sobrang init na panahon :)