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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sitsaro Guisado with sotanghon

I decided not to cook lunch and will just eat chicken soup that I cooked last night (hehehe) but a friend of hubby came. Thinking of what to cook (we didn't go to the market pa) good thing, there's sitsaro and shrimp left in the refrigerator.

3 gloves garlic
1 medium onion
2 tomatoes
10 pcs shrimps shelled
1 cup shrimp juice
1/4k sitsaro (?) (can't remember how many kilos I bought)
fish sauce 
cooking oil

1. string the sitsaro and wash
2. soak sotanghon in water
3. heat oil in a pan
4. saute onion, garlic and tomatoes
5. add shrimp let it change color
6. add fish sauce (depends on your type and taste, you can also use salt)
7. add shrimp juice and let it boil 
8. add sitsaro and sotanghon
9. serve with fried fish (yum yum)


myfingersrtyping said...

looks yummy! will try this when I get the free time :D

Kayce said...

i love sotanghon! i will surely try this one. thanks for sharing sis!

* Jewelry Designer: Harjot * said...

ooooh yummy!!!