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Monday, May 17, 2010

Preparing for school and Lola's Birthday

How's everyone? I missed blogging for a week.....

So what happened the past few days....

oh we got Bea's uniform and we bought things already that she and her kuya will use except for the bag and lunchkit (i'll just buy the water jug since her school will provide the food)

 had a hard time looking for her shoes, the sizes were too big for her! end up buying the cheaper one ahahah

bea with mariz striking a pose(using her ate's uniform hahah)

 bea having tantrums (she doesn't want to wear the p.e uniform)

Yesterday, we celebrated my ever dearest grandma's birthday! She's 87 and still kicking!

We wish her good health and long life, we love you lola!


mrscalica said...

girl, humabol na talaga si Mariz kay Bea. haha. parang twins sila. ang cute nila promise.