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Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend Shopping

Last Saturday, we went shopping,

bought shorts and helmet for hubby. a top for me, and a toy for my Gab

oh and hubby gave me money to buy a swimwear hehehe (told him I'll buy a bikini top in ebay, he's against of me wearing bikini lolz)

I forgot to tell him pala I didn't buy the speedo swimsuit hehehe (expensive e)

bought sando for Loida and me din pala

Mass and derma visit

Forgot to tell you guys hubby bought our 3rd car a 2nd hand Kia Pride so I can practice again hahaha


Marice said...

wow naman! yaman kasama ang car sa shopping heheh :)

Hannah said...

te mian di naman last friday pa yan actually binili...need lang ng back up car

T.H said...

how much is the car there? here would cost MYR$30K or more even 2nd hand.

Hannah said...

Hi T.H we bought this 2nd hand car for more or less MYR6k converted on your currency