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Sunday, April 18, 2010

A tiring day but happy!

It's indeed a great Sunday! Yiha!



Sorry forgot my camera, hehehe anyways here's my cutie inaanak (nice souvenir noh?)

We attended the Christening of my inaanak Keilah Grace (Gracey/ prettymomie's little princess!) in Sanctuario de San Antonio, reception is in Aberdeen Court...Strange! I said we, but Loida and my 2 kids were not with me....You know who's with me?? None other than my husband, it's really strange, everytime I ask him if he's coming with us, his answer is NO! ..Thanks to Roy (mitch's hubby), wearing only his shorts and polo shirt he said YES! Actually I asked him earlier if he wants to come with us but he said he'll wait in the car. Good thing, while waiting for us to finish the ceremony...Roy and hubbyness started discussing about what happened to our Revo, that started their bonding moments. haha

here's the other souvenir

didn't have the chance to take a pic of the cupcakes my 3 kids started munching it.

After the big event, we went to Super 8

need to buy snacks for the little monsters...

How's your Sunday???