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Friday, April 9, 2010

Refreshments!!!! Anyone

Summer!!!! so so so hoootttt!

My kids kept on bugging me to buy the Cornetto Choco HazelNut after watching it several times on tv. (alright!) I asked Loida to buy 5 Cornetto ChocoHazel Nut at the nearest mini store just to grant their simple request hehehe....

After 10 minutes Loida called (sosyal! call pa) telling me there's no ChocoHazel Nut, so I asked what are the other options (Quezo real, Double Dutch, Very Rocky Road, Pinipig). I asked the kids if they like Quezo real (of course! they know Quezo real that's actually one of their favorites!) Gab answered "YES! yun na lang!" the 2 girls agreed. (hooray! there are no violent reactions hehe)....

20 minutes then came Loida with a plastic bag.

4 quezo real (Gab, Bea, Mariz, Loida)
1 double dutch (extra)
1 pinipig (mine)

Didn't have a chance to take picture of us hehehe (sorry we're busy eating) 


Marice said...

susyalin talaga si Loida hahah

Sherry said...

yummy... :D but not sure if here selling. mine is up at