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Saturday, April 3, 2010

My Precious Bea is now a preschooler

Yes you heard it right, she's now a preschooler...

She'll be attending kinder 1 in Assumption this June..

She would always ask me when are we going back to see her teacher and classmates...(excited)

Last week we enrolled her and I thought I could bring home a uniform but heck XS is way too BIG for her, got her measurement and by april 10 yes! we'll be able to have her uniform.

Nothing to worry except 1 (how will she go to school- heh!) I'm thinking of getting a school bus.. how much?? that I don't know, haven't called anyone though I got a list from the school.


Nikz said...

hi sis, :)

new blog? :) your daughter is so cute. :) Weeh, we both have preschoolers na. :)

Hannah said...

No sis, this is my 2nd blog actually..excited na nga rin ako kasi may aayusan na ko unlike pag boy like si kuya

Marice said...

awww laki laki na hans! :)

allison said...

congrats hans! assumptionista na si bea. assumption antipolo is good. my cousins go to school there. I'd send Sofia there if di lang malayo. But she's entering pre-school (toddler school) na din for this coming school year.