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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My kids and balut

Are your kids eating balut? My kids just love it! 
There are 3 parts of the balut right?
the yellow part, the white hard part and the sisiw.

Gab likes the yellow part, Bea for the white part and Mariz just loves the sisiw! (eeek)
(curious Mariz still looking after she bit a small part of it)
she would say "dut" (duck) (eeek)

finishing her last sisiw.

I'm praying that they'll be busy tomorrow, I don't want them to hear the balut vendor
and for sure they'll ask me to buy it again!


josie said...

just don't give too much, I think it's high in cholesterol content, maybe once a day is okay.

Badet said...

It's cute how your daughter appreciates balut. Just 1 balut won't hurt, I think.

Hannah said...

yup 1 balut a day keeps the tantrums away