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Friday, April 9, 2010

Loving and hating Ebay!

Do you have an ebay account? ME?  had 3 accounts already (been suspended twice for posting items with trademark LOL), using my new account now and thank God haven't received any warnings from them hehehe.

I've been buying and selling in Ebay for almost 2 years now. Thanks to that forum (gt to be exact), I've opened myself in buying used clothes etc. Great Deal, Low can i resist?

The best deal I had was when I sold a Zara Top for 700, actually I got that top also from ebay, bought it for only php400 hehehe, bidding is sometimes stiff but if you think the price is right (lol just like the tv game show) then go for it.

Why did I say I hate Ebay?

1. Sellers can't give negative feedback
2. Bogus Buyers/sellers on the loose

Now, that I'm searching for a bikini top (don't want to buy those overly expensive swimwear! I'm not an actress/ the apple of everybody's eyes lolz nor will I use it again next year hehehe)(peace) Hope I find the right one ( anyways measurements were listed or if its not I'll ask the seller just to make sure)So there

Hunting Mode!


CoLine said...

hiyee, pretty hannah =) which one is better? to shop @ multiply or ebay? I haven't tried ebay though

Hannah said...

hi coline

in ebay you can find authentic products in a lower price, bidding is sometimes stiff but if it's worth it for sure you'll not regret it, just make sure to look for the sellers feedback, same with multiply