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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hello Good Friday! Hello Casa

Just like what my mom in law always says never travel on a good friday. Shit happens and this is what you call shit!

This is actually my fault, I'm practicing hehe and then BAM! Eek, right through our neighbor's wall hehehe...

See how my son looks pissed? hehe, he's actually blaming me for what happened and he's asking me and his dad to send the car to the autoshop right away..lolz..Sorry baby, no revo for about a month or so..we'll just use the little mule for now.

Did hubby get mad? I don't know  maybe yes, but he told me not to worry and think of it just like what happened after Ondoy.


Surreal Princess said...

oh, lucky you.. hubby is sweet. :) Btw, thanks for grabbing my badge. Added you on my list as well.

chubskulit said...

Oh my goodness, good thing no got hurt.

I just followed your blog dear, hope you can come by and visit some times. dropped ec here too..

Happy Easter..

Prettymom said...

aww! grabe yan ha.. thank God mars at walang nangyaring masama sau at sa knino p man..

kip safe.. :)

Marice said...

hihihi ginawa mong bumpcar heheh hihih oks lang yan! :) at least no one got hurt!