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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Club Manila East not too far away


Here I am to post my not so long story and lots of pictures of our family outing yesterday.. My kids were so excited, they thought we'll go to 8 waves waterpark in Bulacan haha.

April 25

Hubby and I woke up 4am to fetch my brother's girlfriend in Makati. Came back home at 5:30, woke up my kids, ate breakfast etc. At exactly 6:15, off we go. After 15 minutes, we arrived in CME...yep yep 15 minutes only from Cainta to Taytay.

That was actually our first time going there hahaha, we don't like to travel to a place too near from us, where's the thrill? But what can we do? hehehe (remembering what happened to revo)

6:30, we arrived in CME got our number stubs 121-128 paid only for 8 people, my 2 kids were free they were below 3ft hahaha

Entrance fee is 350/head, kids below 3ft free

We got to reserve a cabana a week before our scheduled date

beachwave cabana (with toilet) (P1500)

We don't stay here too much but it's worth having your own cabana for call of nature purposes *wink

picnic area (free)


beachwave pool (my mom and my bro)

ocean waves

kiddie pool  with fountain and waterfalls

adult pool with a giant slide (far right)
 Kayak area

buzzy river

sun screened pool

lap pool ( i don't know if this is the one adjacent to the fun lagoon) my dad took this pic

Our lunch?

2 orders of sweet and sour fish fillet 90 each
Beef with brocolli 120
13 plain rice 15 each
Nilasing na hipon 120
2 Lechon Kawali 120 each
5 large bottles of water 40 each

We ate at the picnic area not in our cabana what's the use of the cabana? ( we reserved it so our things our safe and of course we have our own toilet )


We had

1 Shakeys Hawaiian pizza Large (thin) P305 8 slices
1 Mojos and Dips P90
7 Jollibee regular yum with cheese 43 each
5 bottles Mineral water 40 each

5pm we decided to go home

bye bye 

  • no doubt the place is great, big pools super enjoy
  • others say that foods are expensive, actually if you eat out in a fastfood prices are ALMOST the same
  • super crowded 
  • the swimming attire? people don't follow it, the admins said no tshirts etc saw someone wearing red shirt, long cotton shorts, what's the use of your rules?
  • they were selling beers, there's an incident yesterday, a man was seen lying unconscious, i heard he was drunk...hope it's not, i think it would be best if they don't sell beers, we all know some filipinos who drink tend to be so careless =P


Ninja Media said...

Invite me sometime so fun there :)

The Twitterer said...

nice family outing. mukhang enjoy talaga kayong lahat.

by the way hannah, i have an award for you on my site. please check it out here:

happy blogging!

Jackie said...

whee! looks like your whole family had a great time. ^^

Marice said...

miss ko na talaga dito.. dito kami swim ng friend ko before.. mga 2x a month ata..