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Friday, April 16, 2010

Acnetrex Isotretinoin

Pimples Pimples Pimples! Please go away...huhuhu...Everyday when I look at the mirror I would say "This is just a dream lolz!!!" ( my worst nightmare!) Hell my curiousity with make ups.

My dermatologist prescribed acnetrex BUT warned me not to get pregnant...lolz (got 3 kids now, i don't have any intentions of having another one...for the meantime...ngek) seriously speaking, i really have no plans. So just to make sure I'm also taking oral contraceptives Althea to be exact.

I'm on my way on finishing my first box of acnetrex,(taking it once a day). My face is less oily but I still get pimples, worst is that they have this whitish something, told my derma about this, she said it's ok, I think others experience this too, this is what they call purging stage. (am I right?) I think I read it in GT. My lips are super dry but thanks to petroleum jelly. Didn't experience being depressed/moody just like what others were saying.

One can't get acnetrex without doctor's prescription UNLESS you buy it in hehehe

i'll update you guys, wish me luck heheh

Cost: P1508


Dhemz said...

good luck! ayay! worst nightmare ko ang pimples when I was in college...nawala na when I moved here in the US...thank goodness...ehehhe!

btw, salamat for dropping by and leaving a birthday greetings....ingat!