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Friday, April 30, 2010

Mommy Moments#1 - Blue

I think this will be my first entry for Mommy Moments. 

My Gab wearing his blue polo shirt during the talent portion

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mommy moments

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

On getting a barangay certificate/clearance

I'm not suppose to get this but my one and only ID (driver's license) was held in Villarica Pawnshop. I was about to cash out money from my gcash account, I never had problems with globe centers/tambunting and from them(before) regarding cash out and with my ID ( My ID has my 2nd name while my gcash account doesn't), it was all successful until this. So the girl from VP asked me to get a barangay certificate.

I searched the net how to get a barangay certificate and from what i read, I should get a cedula or a community tax certificate first. I actually have 1 but it has my 2nd name, so I asked Loida to get another cedula in municipal hall (yes i can get my cedula without going there personally), I just wrote my name(first name, middle initial and surname), address, status, birthdate, birth place, sex, citizenship on a piece of paper and gave her 11 pesos.

After 30 minutes Loida came with my cedula , and there I asked her to go to a friend of ours in the barangay to ask for help; with the cedula, a hundred pesos and a paper stating that I need a barangay certificate, off she go....

Got a message from her asking where will I use the barangay certificate so I replied to get another ID, she came home after 10 minutes with my barangay certificate HOORAY. I just need to put a thumbmark and my signature.

This is what a barangay certificate looks like

By the way got my Id already...Thanks to Loida =)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday #2


from our last outing

yellow dress (makes me look fairer and flawless ahaha)
that's it!  i'll buy more yellow colored clothes ahaha
(oops, it's not that i'm supporting someone hehehe)

A yellow floatee for my bunso

yellow umbrella

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Sisterhood Award


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passing this award to the ladies who keep on visiting my blog. Thank you!

Gracey of  Prettymom

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Club Manila East not too far away


Here I am to post my not so long story and lots of pictures of our family outing yesterday.. My kids were so excited, they thought we'll go to 8 waves waterpark in Bulacan haha.

April 25

Hubby and I woke up 4am to fetch my brother's girlfriend in Makati. Came back home at 5:30, woke up my kids, ate breakfast etc. At exactly 6:15, off we go. After 15 minutes, we arrived in CME...yep yep 15 minutes only from Cainta to Taytay.

That was actually our first time going there hahaha, we don't like to travel to a place too near from us, where's the thrill? But what can we do? hehehe (remembering what happened to revo)

6:30, we arrived in CME got our number stubs 121-128 paid only for 8 people, my 2 kids were free they were below 3ft hahaha

Entrance fee is 350/head, kids below 3ft free

We got to reserve a cabana a week before our scheduled date

beachwave cabana (with toilet) (P1500)

We don't stay here too much but it's worth having your own cabana for call of nature purposes *wink

picnic area (free)


beachwave pool (my mom and my bro)

ocean waves

kiddie pool  with fountain and waterfalls

adult pool with a giant slide (far right)
 Kayak area

buzzy river

sun screened pool

lap pool ( i don't know if this is the one adjacent to the fun lagoon) my dad took this pic

Our lunch?

2 orders of sweet and sour fish fillet 90 each
Beef with brocolli 120
13 plain rice 15 each
Nilasing na hipon 120
2 Lechon Kawali 120 each
5 large bottles of water 40 each

We ate at the picnic area not in our cabana what's the use of the cabana? ( we reserved it so our things our safe and of course we have our own toilet )


We had

1 Shakeys Hawaiian pizza Large (thin) P305 8 slices
1 Mojos and Dips P90
7 Jollibee regular yum with cheese 43 each
5 bottles Mineral water 40 each

5pm we decided to go home

bye bye 

  • no doubt the place is great, big pools super enjoy
  • others say that foods are expensive, actually if you eat out in a fastfood prices are ALMOST the same
  • super crowded 
  • the swimming attire? people don't follow it, the admins said no tshirts etc saw someone wearing red shirt, long cotton shorts, what's the use of your rules?
  • they were selling beers, there's an incident yesterday, a man was seen lying unconscious, i heard he was drunk...hope it's not, i think it would be best if they don't sell beers, we all know some filipinos who drink tend to be so careless =P

Saturday, April 24, 2010

So tired!

I was supposed to post yesterday our preparation for today's family outing  but I got lazy hehehe...i'll just post kwentos and pics tomorrow...

Mwah Mwah

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Girls Rule: Food I choose First on a buffet

The first food I choose?

Soup (any kind)

Sushi and Sashimi

Craving for Dad's creamy soup (can't remember the name haha)

how about yours?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday #1

It's my first time to join

my son's not so old and dirty toy cars

join us every monday


Sunday, April 18, 2010

A tiring day but happy!

It's indeed a great Sunday! Yiha!



Sorry forgot my camera, hehehe anyways here's my cutie inaanak (nice souvenir noh?)

We attended the Christening of my inaanak Keilah Grace (Gracey/ prettymomie's little princess!) in Sanctuario de San Antonio, reception is in Aberdeen Court...Strange! I said we, but Loida and my 2 kids were not with me....You know who's with me?? None other than my husband, it's really strange, everytime I ask him if he's coming with us, his answer is NO! ..Thanks to Roy (mitch's hubby), wearing only his shorts and polo shirt he said YES! Actually I asked him earlier if he wants to come with us but he said he'll wait in the car. Good thing, while waiting for us to finish the ceremony...Roy and hubbyness started discussing about what happened to our Revo, that started their bonding moments. haha

here's the other souvenir

didn't have the chance to take a pic of the cupcakes my 3 kids started munching it.

After the big event, we went to Super 8

need to buy snacks for the little monsters...

How's your Sunday???

Friday, April 16, 2010

Acnetrex Isotretinoin

Pimples Pimples Pimples! Please go away...huhuhu...Everyday when I look at the mirror I would say "This is just a dream lolz!!!" ( my worst nightmare!) Hell my curiousity with make ups.

My dermatologist prescribed acnetrex BUT warned me not to get pregnant...lolz (got 3 kids now, i don't have any intentions of having another one...for the meantime...ngek) seriously speaking, i really have no plans. So just to make sure I'm also taking oral contraceptives Althea to be exact.

I'm on my way on finishing my first box of acnetrex,(taking it once a day). My face is less oily but I still get pimples, worst is that they have this whitish something, told my derma about this, she said it's ok, I think others experience this too, this is what they call purging stage. (am I right?) I think I read it in GT. My lips are super dry but thanks to petroleum jelly. Didn't experience being depressed/moody just like what others were saying.

One can't get acnetrex without doctor's prescription UNLESS you buy it in hehehe

i'll update you guys, wish me luck heheh

Cost: P1508

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ebay Haul

got my items in ebay and I luurve them

Love the vintage earrings, charm bracelet and pi yao bracelet

earrings when worn

first time to buy vintage earrings actually, tired of wearing stud earrings, so why not try dangling ones....

I'm not  fan of charm bracelets, I just want to have a red bracelet hehe and as I was searching the seller's other items to get another one (to save on shipping) the rat zodiac charm bracelet caught my attention....
I don't care if it's authentic or not.
I don't want to buy those charm bracelets which claims that it can give you goodluck and the cost (whooo)... hell, i'll just buy another gold bracelet hehehe

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Watch movie Online

I love to watch movie... I remember during my college days, every saturday after class, hubby and I would watch movies (from the latest to boring movies heheh)

Now that we have kids and we've been busy with my small business we got no time to watch. We're just lucky we have cable and we could buy cd/dvd. It's kinda expensive for me if we'll buy 5 dvds

Problem solved!

Thanks to I can watch movies for free!

If I don't blog much, for sure I'm busy watching hahaha

Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend Shopping

Last Saturday, we went shopping,

bought shorts and helmet for hubby. a top for me, and a toy for my Gab

oh and hubby gave me money to buy a swimwear hehehe (told him I'll buy a bikini top in ebay, he's against of me wearing bikini lolz)

I forgot to tell him pala I didn't buy the speedo swimsuit hehehe (expensive e)

bought sando for Loida and me din pala

Mass and derma visit

Forgot to tell you guys hubby bought our 3rd car a 2nd hand Kia Pride so I can practice again hahaha

Friday, April 9, 2010

Loving and hating Ebay!

Do you have an ebay account? ME?  had 3 accounts already (been suspended twice for posting items with trademark LOL), using my new account now and thank God haven't received any warnings from them hehehe.

I've been buying and selling in Ebay for almost 2 years now. Thanks to that forum (gt to be exact), I've opened myself in buying used clothes etc. Great Deal, Low can i resist?

The best deal I had was when I sold a Zara Top for 700, actually I got that top also from ebay, bought it for only php400 hehehe, bidding is sometimes stiff but if you think the price is right (lol just like the tv game show) then go for it.

Why did I say I hate Ebay?

1. Sellers can't give negative feedback
2. Bogus Buyers/sellers on the loose

Now, that I'm searching for a bikini top (don't want to buy those overly expensive swimwear! I'm not an actress/ the apple of everybody's eyes lolz nor will I use it again next year hehehe)(peace) Hope I find the right one ( anyways measurements were listed or if its not I'll ask the seller just to make sure)So there

Hunting Mode!

Refreshments!!!! Anyone

Summer!!!! so so so hoootttt!

My kids kept on bugging me to buy the Cornetto Choco HazelNut after watching it several times on tv. (alright!) I asked Loida to buy 5 Cornetto ChocoHazel Nut at the nearest mini store just to grant their simple request hehehe....

After 10 minutes Loida called (sosyal! call pa) telling me there's no ChocoHazel Nut, so I asked what are the other options (Quezo real, Double Dutch, Very Rocky Road, Pinipig). I asked the kids if they like Quezo real (of course! they know Quezo real that's actually one of their favorites!) Gab answered "YES! yun na lang!" the 2 girls agreed. (hooray! there are no violent reactions hehe)....

20 minutes then came Loida with a plastic bag.

4 quezo real (Gab, Bea, Mariz, Loida)
1 double dutch (extra)
1 pinipig (mine)

Didn't have a chance to take picture of us hehehe (sorry we're busy eating) 

Thursday, April 8, 2010

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Favorite Junk Food

My favorite junkfoods:

Oooh I'm craving one right now, but no no no, I'm actually FORCING myself not to eat...

hmmmm....A pack may not be bad after all...I'll just drink plenty of water

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My kids and balut

Are your kids eating balut? My kids just love it! 
There are 3 parts of the balut right?
the yellow part, the white hard part and the sisiw.

Gab likes the yellow part, Bea for the white part and Mariz just loves the sisiw! (eeek)
(curious Mariz still looking after she bit a small part of it)
she would say "dut" (duck) (eeek)

finishing her last sisiw.

I'm praying that they'll be busy tomorrow, I don't want them to hear the balut vendor
and for sure they'll ask me to buy it again!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

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The masterpieces

the floor

 the wall



I don't know if I'll get mad for the mess or be happy that Bea can color and write her name before entering school unlike her Kuya...The damage has been done, it's up to Loida to clean it up. hahaha

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